F.B. Purity (Clean Up & Customize Facebook)

How to Block Facebook Game Requests

FB Purity 9.7.0 Fixes Hide Offline Friends in Chat and the Remove Trending Topics Option + Other Bugfixes


FB Purity v9.7.0 is out now, check the FB Purity News page for full release notes for this version.

Install the latest FB Purity update via the FB Purity Install Page

How to stop videos playing automatically on Facebook (Disable Autoplay)


FB Purity v9.6.0 has been released.

* Fixed the Hide Offline Friends in Chat option (This option was broken due to a change in Facebook’s code, which made all friends hidden, whether they were online or offline)

* Fixed the Hide Trending Topics / Trending Hashtags option

* Fixes Hiding  Game and App posts (as well as “Games You May Like” Posts)

* Fixes the Program Update Notifications and FBP News Notifications

F.B. Purity is a web browser extension that fixes all those annoying things about Facebook that you really hate such as Autoplay Videos, Bubble Chat, Tiny Chat Window, Smileys etc etc.

You can get the latest version of FB Purity via the FB Purity website

FB Purity is “Trending on Fire” on the Google Chrome Webstore Right Now

The FB Purity browser extension is Trending on Fire on the Google Chrome Webstore

The safe, free and top rated FB Purity browser extension is currently burning up the charts at the Google Chrome Webstore.

The reason its so popular is because it gives you complete control over your Facebook experience, letting you filter out or block the junk that you dont want to see, such as Ads, Trending Topics, Facebook Games, Autoplay Videos etc and lets you disable lots of the Facebook functionality you dont like.

Try it today, its free!

Clean up and Customize Facebook wtih FB Purity

FB Purity v9.5.3 is out now. With it you can block all the ads on facebook, and block lots of facebooks other annoyances too


The FB Purity browser extension has an option to hide the Trending Topics box.

You can disable the autoplay videos. You can fix the chat to get rid of the bubbles and also open conversations in the inbox rather than in the tiny chat window.

With  FBP you can re-theme facebook with the colours and font of your choice,

You can filter the newsfeed so you dont see stories about things you are not interested in.

You can also get alerts when anyone unfriends you (deleted friends alerts)

With so much amazing functionality, its no wonder FB Purity consistently gets high scores in reviews, and has over 117,000 users worldwide!

See what you are missing, and Get FB Purity today


Wages For Facebook is thought provoking site. Makes you question what we are doing on Facebook, and whether we should get paid for it. After all Facebook is making billions from the “user content” we generate for them.

Hide the new Trending Topics Box on Facebook with FB Purity

Hide the Trending Topics Box on Facebook with FB Purity

How to Hide / Remove / Get Rid of the New Trending Box on Facebook

1) Install the safe, free and top rated FB Purity browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera)

2) Click the FBP link at the top of your Facebook page to open the FB Purity options screen.

3) Tick the Hide “Trending Topics / Hashtags" option

4) Click the “Save & Close" Button

5) Thats it, the Trending Topics Box should now be gone for good! :)


Disable Facebook’s Autoplay Videos with FB Purity, It also lets you view Animated Gifs in the Newsfeed.


FB Purity v9.3.2 has been released with the option for disabling Facebook’s new autoplay videos. It also adds an option to allow the viewing of Animated Gifs in the Facebook newsfeed.

Read full release notes for this version of FB Purity at FB Purity News 

How to display Animated Gifs on Facebook - Simple, get the latest FB Purity Beta

The latest version of the FB Purity browser extension adds the option to view Animated Gifs in the Newsfeed.

After installing FB Purity, and enabling the “Show Animated Gifs" option, if you or anybody else posts a link to an animated gif (located on an external site) to the Facebook newsfeed, FB Purity will convert the GIF link into a fully working animated GIF image.

FB Purity lets you watch animated gifs in the facebook news feed

Screenshot showing the location of the Animated Gifs option on the FB Purity options Screen

Download and install the new version of FB Purity with Animated GIF viewing capability from the FB Purity website here:


FB Purity v9.1.0 New Option: Get Rid of Facebook Bubble Chat

Revert Facebook Bubble Chat back to the old style with FB Purity

Get rid of Facebook Bubble Chat with FB Purity

The latest version of the safe, free and top rated FB Purity browser extension, adds a new option for getting rid of the controverial new Bubble Chat interface on Facebook for desktop browsers.

Remove Facebook Bubble Chat with FB Purity

FB Purity is one of the highest rated extensions around, and is rated in the top 40 on the official Mozilla Firefox extensions directory, out of a total of over 11,000 other extensions

Screenshot showing the location of FB Purity's Hide Bubble Chat option for Facebook

The popular extension, which is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, is used by over 104,000 users worldwide, who appreciate the options it gives them for cleaning up and customizing Facebook.

Get FB Purity here