F.B. Purity (Clean Up & Customize Facebook)
FB Purity v6.0.0 released: “FB Purity Defeats the Noise + Restores the Signal”

FB Purity - Cleans Up Facebook - Defeats the noise - Restores the signal

FB Purity v6.0.0 has just been released: Its now restartless for Firefox, also added a “Hide Recently Read Articles” filter plus more:

Changes in FB Purity v6.0.0

  • The Firefox extension version is now restartless, meaning you no longer need to restart FF when installing or reinstalling the extension (Though you do need to first uninstall the old version and restart your browser before installing this version, in order to clean out the old extension entirely)
  • Added a hide “read an article” option
  • App whitelist and custom text filter are now textareas and each item now needs to be on a separate line, rather than comma separated.
  • Fixed the shared photo filter
  • Fixed the fan page stories filter
  • Updated the facebook places (checkins) filter
  • Page filtering has been sped up considerably
  • Improved the “likes page” filter
  • Fixed  the event story filters, so you can now choose what types of event stories you want to hide.
  • Added a basic check for updates button
  • Stopped filtering the current user and fbp’s updates, the reasoning behind this is you probably dont want your own posts hidden, as you are the one setting the filtering criteria in the first place.
  • For more info on this release and to provide feedback, see the FB Purity fan page
  • BTW The Firefox extension version is now also compatible with Seamonkey and Iceape

The New FBP v6.0.0 Options Screen

Fluff Busting Purity v6.0.0 Options Screen

FB Purity in action, cleaning up your newsfeed, decreasing the noise and increasing the signal.

FB Purity In Action, filtering out the junk messages that you dont want to see. Decreasing the noise and increasing the signal.

FB Purity is a free browser extension that is compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. It has been highly rated and reviewed by The Washington Post, Lifehacker, CNET and many more. FB Purity has over 50,000 users worldwide.

You can get FB Purity here: http://www.fbpurity.com