F.B. Purity (Clean Up & Customize Facebook)
Join the protest against Facebook’s Censorship of FBPurity

FB Purity cleans up and Customizes Facebook

Why are Facebook blocking links to the fbpurity.com website and claiming it is spammy or unsafe? This is ludicrous. Facebook dont like giving their customers options so they are censoring any links to the fbpurity DOT com website. 

FB Purity is a legitimate and safe, highly rated and well respected anti-spam / Facebook clean up and customisation tool, that also helps keep you secure and safe from rogue facebook applications on Facebook.

For proof just check any online website reputation monitoring tool or online antivirus scanner, they will all tell you the same thing fbpurity dot com is completely safe.

Please help me protest this travesty, by sending stories about this to the Media, and also writing directly to facebook via their complaint form that deals with this issue here: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/?id=244560538958131

If you do want to visit the FB Purity website and bypass facebook’s censorship just type in fbpurity dot com into the URL address bar of your web browser

You can get F.B Purity here: http://www.fbpurity.com


Steve  (The Developer of F.B. Purity)